ELEFTHEROTYPIA, Mirka Dimitriadi-Psaropoulou, June 6 2006 "Variation N.D, Showtime"
"The natural selection of life that flows... Elegant movement like a continuous flow of water that overcomes thirst... In an impressive visual polyphony... Movement and the visual element precede together convicingly..."

ELEFTHEROTYPIA, Aug 16 2005 "Variation N.D"
"Frugal and poetic it flowed like memory behind a thin curtain as if through transparent time..."

TIME OUT ATHENS, June 24 2004 "Handing over"
"A gift by Valia Alexandratou of a demanding choreography..."

ELEFTHEROTYPIA, June 7 2001 "Red Valse"
"Her choreographies are delimited by an implicit line of parody of classical and modern and reveal an artist with a conception of dance that is personal and complete..."

AVGI, Natasha Hassioti, July 15 2001 "Red Valse"
"The complexity of movements, their intelligent and original combination... Were an impressive and welcome surprise, superb work..."

ELEFTHEROTYPIA, Nov 23 1999 "Nine"
"Uncoprimising skill..."
" This difficult and avant-garde choreography is not translated at all into cold technique...The human body becomes the living proof of another conception of the visual. The music intesifies the insistence upon the so called "anachronic", a greatly revolutionary for the present times, classicality of the modern..."

"A 'millenium work' that questions what has occurred historically over the last thousand years evoking the angelic journey back into 'memory'..."

EPILOGUE annual, 1998 "Continuous Painting"
"The work was created as refusal, acceptance and supersedure. This choreography proposes a new dynamic balance of relations..."

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jack Anderson, Feb 11 1998, "Continuous painting"
"The choreographer painted with movement... Making the stage her canvas, she evoked the spirit of paintings [by Nassos Daphnis]..."

TO VIMA, Louisa Arkoumanea, March 8 1998
"Human emotion confronts the geometric aspect of Daphnis and ends up with unexpected intensity..."

CULTURE, THE GREEK AMERICAN MAGAZINE, Feb 12 1998, "Continuous Painting"
"Human emotion confronts the geometric aspect of Daphnis and ends up with unexpected intensity..."